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To photograph a woman, you must have something to say about her.  Something beautiful.

Some things, however, are beyond photography.

I have wonderful things to say about this lady.  Her sensuous silhouette… her breathtaking gaze, both alluring and intense… her smile, bright and cheerful like the morning sun.

But there are things that cannot be seen.  Things about her that lingered, long after she left.

Amidst the laughter and fun, a feeling of calm and assurance about her.  A sense of self-respect.  An air of acceptance, a certain confidence.

How do you photograph confidence?

How can we capture the invisible, a feeling?

It’s like trying to photograph air.

I had in my hands one of the most sophisticated and technologically-advanced inventions in the history of photography.  Yet, I couldn’t capture something as basic and intrinsic as human elegance.

The best I could do was to give her an experience to remember, with the little time given to us.

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