There was a time when I wondered if I had thrown away my future.

Why be a photographer?  I have certificates from the top schools in a top country.  I was enjoying a very successful career.   Why change when the future was bright?

Then, 18 beautiful women walked into my studio.  18 happy, babbling ladies who crashed the roof with laughter.  18 cancer survivors who truly understands what it means to be alive.

These women taught me lessons that the best schools and richest careers never did.

Unless you’ve experienced the very real possibility that you may die tomorrow, you may never appreciate what it means to live every day as a gift.

Yesterday, again, these gorgeous crazies came knocking on the door.  Again, they crashed the roof.  Again, they made me cry with laughter.

Can they feel the beauty within them?  Can they see how wondrous the light they shine on everyone?

People tell me how envious they are of my profession.  I used to doubt them.  Now, I realise how fortunate I am to be humbled.