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“This photographer takes soul-stirring portraits of patients and their caregivers”
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“40 years between photo for couple” – A work for the elderly
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“Kelvin creates with heart”
~ Li Li Chung, Founder – Exactly Foundation

Clients Speak

“We do nothing but being natural. Being real.”

~ Hemka

“Kelvin is a genius at capturing the epitome of female beauty. You will never feel uncomfortable expressing yourself during the photoshoot as you will be encouraged to be yourself while he captures natural beauty at its best.”

~ Kelly Te

“The images of the female body are subtle, delicate and sublime, totally unlike pictures of similar genres that I have seen elsewhere. They speak of deep appreciation for one of the finest creations in the Universe. “

~ Patricia Tan

“Other then Kelvin’s skill, what I’m really happy about was very much the friendship and sincerity.
Very highly recommend!”

~ Marilyn Liew

“Very professional. The studio was very stylish, comfortable and private with every effort made to make me feel at ease. All I had to do was show up, relax and take my directions from Kelvin and Elaine!”

~ Sharon Seah

“Despite having a female photographer last time, I felt way more at ease with Kelvin”

~ Felicia Fenner

“Kelvin and Elaine makes a photoshoot seem like a nice long relaxed chitchat session with good friends!”

~ Clarissa Choh

“We were so comfortable that we both forgot we were being photographed and were just lost in the moment and in a world of our own”

~ Stephen & Sze-Hui

“He presented a different beauty in me that I didn’t know existed… definitely a great birthday gift and for me to muse on when I am old.”

~ Lynn Sim

“We did 9 photoshoots with Kelvin & Elaine and we will continue to do more!”

~ Vanessa Ong

“Every photoshoot was filled with so much fun and laughter, the friendship, bond and trust between us is something I really treasure”

~ June Ang

“Ten years and five albums later, I’m more convinced than ever that Kelvin is the best choice ever!!”

~ Michelle, Roel & family

“I never felt sooo beautiful!! You could look at the photos over and over again and it always gives you this ‘on top of the world’ feeling.”

~ Shamila

“Kelvin Lim is my favourite photographer, not just because of his artistry but also because of who he is and the causes he stands by”

~ Julie Kee

“Each photo had a certain depth to it, expressing our honest emotions and personalities.”

~ Daniel & Yi Fang

“Simple, plain images that capture every possible human emotion”

~ Dewi Loho

“I can’t imagine being photographed by anyone else”

~ Doreen Yeo

“I will always remember today as a special one in which you inspired me with your art, and moved me with your humanity and kindness.”

~ Simcha Udwin

“Kelvin is a photographer you can grow old with.”

~ Yeo Wan Hui

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