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“This very special photographer possesses qualities of a counsellor.”

Reflections by Shiow Mei, courageous victim of breast cancer and counsellor to fellow survivors)

By chance, I was invited to participate in a photo shooting session.

On the very day, my husband and I turned out at the studio and I rang the doorbell. A middle age gentlemen received us at the doorway and introduced himself as the photographer.

We were led to a sofa and comfortably seated in the studio just like any other studio that you could image. The photographer was sitting in his director chair across the room.

We started off with some light conversation before I know I have already engaged into stories recapturing my encounters and life experience with the life threatening disease.

Through a magical combination of similarities and differences, the photographer open out an unknown which offered us as a couple the opportunity to surface what we have been doing and yet was not talked about.

I received lots of unconditional acceptance of me and my husband as a couple for who we are and the commitment we have put into each other, to provide the quality life which I wish to have. It helped to reconnect our relationship.

This very special photographer possesses qualities of a counsellor. He was like a mirror, reflecting back to me. And the differences allow us as couple to see other options and make choices about who we want to be as a couple. We learn to accept the parts of each other we love and the parts of each other that don’t resonate with us. To me it is a valuable learning experience.

It is true that, by understanding when someone’s life differs from our own, we can learn about ourselves in contrast. That mirror reflection may be hard to take, but a good listener helps us find ways we can change and supports us in that choice.

Many times we say “good friends enrich our lives”. Now I will add another dimension to it. “People who cares to listen and understand enrich our Lives”

Thank you Kelvin and Elaine for the wonderful and memorable photographing session.

“Warm, unpretentious, genuine”

Georgina Ama – Sensual Portraits


I cannot find the right words to describe my Boudoir photoshoot…. it was simply an experience i would treasure until i turn ‘old and grey’- mind you, im already old and grey at the time of the shoot. Leading to the day of the shoot, i was way nervous, given that i wasnt the most photogenic of person- a hit and miss, when it comes to my photos. And here i am, commisioning the ‘best photographer’ this side of the planet.

The moment i walked in in Kelvin and Elaine’s studio, all i ever felt is ‘I belong’??. The pair of them are some of the nicest people i have come across in my life- so warm, unpretentious, genuine. From the moment the lovely Bobbie started on my make up, to the point where  Kelvin started snapping pictures- telling me to look- right, front, center (lucky im quite flexible hahaha)- it was all fun and simply liberating. Gone are my apprehensions bec i know i am in good hands. And Elaine is always there to give me a hand. 
Then the photos came… i couldnt believe my eyes. It was an absolute dream, i almost cried upon seeing them. Kelvin must have eyes that can see thru the soul of his ‘subjects’ and make it appear on the photos. I never felt more ‘beautiful’ in my life( apart from the constant reminder from my loyal Wayne?), but i have never seen  myself the way Kelvin has captured ‘me’ in those photos. 
Kelvin, thank you, my dear friend, for giving me the chance to be my most beautiful self in my photos. 
Elaine, thank you for sharing your generosity and kindness towards me during the entire experience. Bobbie, thank you for listening to my constant ‘spiel’ of ‘ i dont like make-up’??.
Shall we do this again?

“More than a physical experience, it is an empowerment of the female persona.”

Patricia Tan – Sensual Portraits

It was a session that I had booked in mid May. For someone who had ever owned only one set of bikini, it was a big step forward. A boudoir was something that was on my mind for a few months when I chanced upon Kelvin’s Facebook page.

My pre-wedding photographer 13 years ago, Kelvin’s sense of aesthetics and eye for beauty has not changed. If anything, he has brought them to a higher level. What greeted my eyes were works of art.

The images of the soft female body are subtle, delicate and sublime, totally unlike pictures of similar genres that I have seen elsewhere. They speak of a deep appreciation for one of the finest creations in the Universe.

I told myself I wanted someone like that if I ever took such pictures.

A boudoir is nothing like other forms of photography. It’s something that is exciting to do, but could easily make one feel vulnerable at any point. Kelvin had struck me as a humble and phlegmatic person when he took my pre-wedding pictures. It was the very same disposition that put me at ease very quickly at the boudoir session. Elaine, too, has a gift in making people comfortable and uninhibited despite being new and initially nervous to such a shoot.

Kelvin’s creative use of lights and his adventurous exploration of poses and angles never ceases to amaze me. I saw myself in ways I never did.

For the first time in my life, I finally got to appreciate my own body.

I felt like a first-time reader of a Harry Potter book, full of awe and wonder at my own expressions and body I never knew.

A boudoir is an intimate experience with oneself. More than a physical experience, it is an empowerment of the female persona. Like what some say,”Every woman should do a boudoir.” And I concur, after my experience with Kelvin.

Thank you, Kelvin. Like how I had felt about you when I first met you 13 years ago, my verdict remains the same: You are. The best.

“I felt a moment of lightness. Of liberation, of freedom.”

Dewi Loho, Entrepreneur, Poet, Traveling Yogi – Sensual Portraits

Some years ago, a few months before I turned 30, I decided to take a photo. Not just a regular beauty photography, I wanted an artistic photo. I wanted to freeze the time and to have something to look at a few decades down the road to remind me of who I was.

So the search for the right photographer began. I was trying to find someone suited for my vision, someone whose portfolio capture my eyes and speak to my heart. And one day he popped out of my computer screen. Simple, plain images that capture every possible human emotions in a play of monochromatic colors.

He was more than just a photographer.

He was an artist.

He was a painter.

He was a poet.

The photos were nudes.

So I thought, I have to meet this person. I wanted to know how he created those images that speak so clearly of love, passion, joy, dream, and melancholy. How can he capture those emotions so clearly? To create a poetry out of monochromatic colored images that really show the character of the object.

My first meeting with him was filled with awkward and quiet moments. He was a very reserved, quiet and shy person. He let his works do the talking for him but somehow, I felt secure. Somehow, I felt that he would be the right person to help me realized my vision.

He said to me “You can’t force a moment. You can’t force a pose. All you can do is speak from the heart and let the moment come to you. Then, sometimes, magic happens”

On the day, I was reluctant. I was a little bit scared. But the moment I stepped into the studio, my mood changed. It could be the lighting. It could be the music, but most importantly it was him. His quiet presence slowly melt the ice as I finally relaxed.

Taking off pieces of the threads covering my skin until there were none.

As I gradually emerged from the comfort of the layering garments, I felt a moment of lightness. Of liberation, of freedom. A comfortable feeling of being in your own skin without having to worry about what other people may think.

At that very moment, there was only me, him and the camera lens capturing every moment.

What I experienced was a mind blowingly fun, carefree and uninhibited session which lasted hours and full of laughters.

What began as a shy smile and awkward moments turned into a transformative session, and what was intended as just a photo session has transformed beyond the ordinary, allowing me to fully expressed the inner feeling and be true to myself. To bare the mask, put forward my best smile, and be the person I never thought I have inside.

Through the images, I saw a person who is so different from the one I know and I am glad that I finally get to meet her.

Sometimes it takes another person’s pair of eyes, and a couple of lenses, to become your own true mirror. To take away the fear, to infuse love, and to allow magic to happen.

After all, freedom comes when you allow yourself to be free.

You owe yourself your own freedom.

“Despite having a female photographer last time, I felt way more at ease with Kelvin.”

Felicia Fenner – Maternity Portraits

It’s been a real pleasure having Kelvin do my maternity photo shoot.

The entire experience has been nothing short of amazing.

The makeup artist he works with is brilliant and very accommodating too.

Kelvin was very professional throughout the shoot, and really took his time so we were very comfortable with each other. And it really shows in the photos.

I had a previous maternity shoot with another studio and despite having a female photographer last time, I felt way more at ease with Kelvin.

Also I wasn’t given any time limit – he keeps his entire day free when you book him for a shoot.
  And the photos turned out really amazing.

I am so glad I decided to do a maternity shoot with Kelvin this pregnancy despite having doubts because of how my previous one went. 
He managed to capture the beauty and the memory of this very special period of my life and for that I am so very grateful.

His name isn’t the first one which pops up when one does a google search for maternity photographers which is a shame because more people ought to know about him. He really has a great eye for beauty. Thank you so much for the stunning photos Kelvin.

“The most beautifully empowering session I have ever had”

Delphine Supanya, Entrepreneur, Medical Intuitive – sensual portraits

My photo session with Kelvin and Elaine was the most beautifully empowering session I have ever had. So unexpected and such a memorable experience.

Kelvin and Elaine are such kind people who created a space for me to feel safe to be myself so that I could express myself in the most natural manner.

Kelvin captured such beautiful images of me in so many angles that I did not get to see before (with my own eyes). It is interesting, we really do not know what we look like when we are ourselves.

Through this photoshoot, I got to witness today how beautiful I am and how much I have changed. I got to see what other people see and understand more about myself and how I show up in this world.

Thank you Elaine and Kelvin for this gift. We humans are all Works of Art, within and without. We see this in others but never in ourselves. I recommend such a photo session to anyone who wants to witness and/or remember just how beautiful they are. I will be forever grateful for this experience and cherish it dearly.

“We were joking and chatting like old friends”

Julie Kee, Journalist – Personal/Couples’ Portraits

My husband, Alex, and I had never taken proper studio shots before. When we got married in 1993, we were fresh grads in Perth, totally broke and could not afford fancy photoshoots. I recall flipping through a directory of photographers, making a few phone calls and choosing the cheapest one available.

This time, it was different. After I read a notice my friend forwarded, about Kelvin’s offer to shoot for charity, I checked up on Kelvin’s work. His artistic approach was exactly what I was looking for. What made it even easier to decide to take up Kelvin’s offer was knowing that my money would go to a good cause – to help the tsunami victims in Japan.

So one Sunday in December last year, we spent a delightful afternoon with Kelvin. He asked if we wanted to play our favourite tunes to set the mood. So with our favourite romantic tunes playing in the background, we went through several clothing changes over a span of three hours.

Kelvin made us feel comfortable. Throughout the session, we were joking and chatting like old friends, and sharing with him significant bits of our lives.

Ballroom dance is a large part of my life, as is aikido to Alex’s. So we incorporated these two elements to the photoshoot. Kelvin managed to include both formal and casual photos, and even something a little sexy and romantic too!

What resulted from that afternoon is a lovely album, our first professionally compiled one, a beautiful keepsake. It was the perfect way to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary!

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