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Photography MasterClass

Expressing Beauty with Light

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How do you create photographs beyond the typical “nice pose”, “nice backdrop”, “nice effects” ?

How would you express a person’s natural beauty?

How wonderful, if your photographs can make a person say, “I’ve never felt so beautiful”!

In 20 years as a full-time professional, this is my greatest reward: real, everyday people telling me how beautiful they felt after each session, year after year, over and over again. I believe we, as artists, have the ability to touch people’s lives, and I feel immensely privileged to share everything I’ve learned as a photographer.

Join me, and receive highly personalised guidance throughout your creative process.

What you’ll learn

In photography, we can never dispute the importance of good lighting. But the key to good portraiture isn’t about lighting, posing, or visual effects. Rather, it’s in answering a fundamental question: what do you want to say? What do you truly find beautiful about the person before you?

In this workshop, you’ll not only learn about lighting techniques, but understand in detail the purpose of each technique. You’ll learn not just a variety of lighting setups, but in the process discover and express a person’s beauty – with conviction.


You should be confident in operating your own camera, and are expected to use your own SLR or mirrorless camera and lenses, not mobile devices.

You do not need advanced photography knowledge or experience. Of greater importance is a keen interest in portraiture, and above all, respect for the model’s dignity above every other priority.




The MasterClass is designed to maximise learning and hands-on experience, with a maximum of 3 students per class.

A professional model will be provided.

All classes will be conducted in our studio at 7 Gambas Crescent, #08-38, Singapore 757087.


Enrolment and Fees

The full price is SGD590 per student.

Enrolment is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be notified of upcoming classes, or contact us for personalised coaching.

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What students are saying

“With too many other courses and workshops, we are taught specific lighting techniques or how to set up specific shots, but beyond replicating those shots, there is very little learning value.

“With Kelvin, I’m learning a whole new framework and guiding principles to design and compose great photographs.

“Most importantly, with his vast knowledge and experience, he both allows you to explore your own ‘voice’ and style, while being able to spot technical mistakes and offering ways to work around them.

“In my couple of sessions with him, it feels like a whole new level of seeing, thinking and exploring. Even the technical aspects of photography and my camera usage has been challenged and improved.

“Thank you so much Kelvin! I have learnt so much and I continue to learn and see the world and photos differently now.”

~ Eugene Goh

“This review must be written! I must say that I learnt so much from Kelvin. Kelvin’s sharing on his experience is really priceless, not something you can read up in a book or youtube.

I strongly recommend anyone to reach out to Kelvin for his photography services, and I am sure you will like his photos just like I do!

~ Daniel Ho

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