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Photography course

Sensual Art MasterClass

 Boudoir from Scratch

Learn how to photograph natural beauty – right from the start

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Priceless… not something you can read up in a book or Youtube

~ Daniel Ho, student

Starting is the hardest.

Your subject, barely clothed and vulnerable, waits for your instructions. How do you start? 

What lighting, what pose, what expression?

What to shoot?

How to guide?

What will YOU do?



Follow your heart, not the crowd

Many photographers learn posing, lighting techniques, and preconceived ideas that look amazing on the outside. It’s a tempting way to approach photography, because they provide predictable solutions to tough problems.

Unfortunately, this approach can make your photographs look equally predictable – generic, forgettable shots no different than any other.

Instead, focus on the intrinsic beauty of your model. Pour your heart and soul into the beauty right before your eyes. Be inspired by the beauty you discover, hone your voice, and create meaningful work with great personality and purpose.

That’s why talented models and posing guides are so popular. They help us visualise results even before we start.

But there’s a better way.

A way that doesn’t depend on posing bibles or your model’s talents.

A way that expresses a person’s beauty in her most natural state, and creates artwork you’ll proudly call your own.

This is how I’ve thrived in boudoir photography for 20 rewarding years. To hear real, everyday people say, “I’ve never felt so beautiful”, over and over again… it’s humbling, and I’m grateful to share everything I’ve learned with you.

In this half-day course, you will experience hands-on guidance on how to spontaneously express a person’s natural beauty, without depending on rules, tricks, or posing guides.

You will learn and practice the entire process from scratch – how to light, how to see, how to guide – with a simplicity that may surprise you.

Join us. Friendship awaits you.

Course Details

Students speak

“I googled Kelvin’s work when I was sent a brochure for his workshop. I immediately thought – I love his style and that’s the standard that I aspire my own work to be one day!

Fast forward a few months and I find myself in his studio, camera in hand, a gorgeous model waiting, the single light source fired up. I am struggling to think about how to start. I fire off a few tentative shots, hoping to warm up. The results are ok only.

Kelvin observes me from the shadows. He walks across the room and softly makes a few points. Suddenly something clicks on me and I adjust the light and adjust my approach.

That day, I probably had the best fun shooting someone and produced some of my favourite portraits I have taken. Not because the pictures are technically perfect (many of the ones I like are not), but because I learnt something invaluable about myself, my photography style and about capturing a mood in an image.

Kelvin does not instruct in a formal sense, nor does he overwhelm. He stands back and lets you do your thing; he observes, and then he comes in and makes a few points that make you feel comfortable and say just enough to help you move toward in the direction that you want.

You end up learning something about yourself and your photography. To me, that is the most valuable lesson and the best way to get better at what we love to do.”

~ Ming

“Kelvin is an artist and a painter.

“As a result, he has achieved a different approach to photography.
While observing your style, he will strive to take you out of your comfort zone and take your photography to the next level.

“He pushes you to shoot with intent, see shapes, tell a story, and train your eyes. It is easy to take good pictures, but it takes vision and practice to become an artist.

“Kelvin will make you want to go towards “Fine-art photography” in order to express your creative idea, message, or emotion unique to your style.”

~ Ludovic

“With too many other courses and workshops, we are taught specific lighting techniques or how to set up specific shots, but beyond replicating those shots, there is very little learning value.

“With Kelvin, I’m learning a whole new framework and guiding principles to design and compose great photographs.

“Most importantly, with his vast knowledge and experience, he both allows you to explore your own ‘voice’ and style, while being able to spot technical mistakes and offering ways to work around them.

“In my couple of sessions with him, it feels like a whole new level of seeing, thinking and exploring. Even the technical aspects of photography and my camera usage has been challenged and improved.

“Thank you so much Kelvin! I have learnt so much and I continue to learn and see the world and photos differently now.”

~ Eugene

“A great workshop. It included a good mix of both theory and hands-on, resulting in an experience that you can’t get from books or video courses.

“Both Kelvin and Elaine were extremely friendly as well, answering all students’ questions candidly and advising on how we could improve.

“Most valuable learnings for me included seeing how Kelvin approaches the shoot from scratch, soft skills when interacting with clients/models and tailored advice on finding my own voice.

“Highly recommended!”

~ anon

“Usually I don’t write reviews often but this review must be written! I attended the course last week and I must say that I learnt so much from Kelvin. The course really shaped me up and picture things so differently that what I did in the past. Kelvin’s sharing on his experience is really priceless, not something you can read up in a book or youtube.

“I strongly recommend anyone to reach out to Kelvin for his photography services, and I am sure you will like his photos just like what I do!”

~ Daniel

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Course Fee: SGD680 per student

Half-day course. Max 3 students. A model will be present.

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Available dates: Sept 27; Oct 4,12,13


You are expected to use your own SLR or mirrorless camera and lenses, not mobile devices.

You should confident in operating your own equipment and be proficient in basic photographic exposure (shutter speed, aperture, ISO).

You do not need advanced photography knowledge. You do not need prior experience in portraiture. Of greater importance is a keen interest in people, and above all, respect for the model’s dignity over every other priority.



Kelvin Lim’s studio

7 Gambas Crescent, #08-38, Ark@Gambas, Singapore 757087


3 hours, 1-4pm

Class Size

3 students max


1-1:30pm: Ice breaking
You are unique, with your own experience, personality, and creative approach. Besides detailing course concepts, I’d love to understand you better, and balance my pace with yours.

1:30-3:30pm Shoot and Critique
We have at least 2 rounds of photography, with a review after each round. You will be challenged with different situations, and you will learn how to handle each situation in unconventional ways. In every review, we will discuss ways to improve your work, so you can apply the lessons for subsequent rounds within the course duration.

3:30-4pm: Q&A
We will summarise everything you’ve learned, so you have a clear idea of the knowledge you’ve gained, and how to apply them as you continue your creative journey. Tap my experience, gain industry insights if it interests you. Ask anything!

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