I think you’ll agree that this is a nice shot. Most people love it. I have many requests to go to the same tree, and I’m supposed to tell the groom how to swing the bride so they can get this result.

Truth is, I didn’t ask this groom to swing the bride like this. I didn’t predict the gown’s beautiful twirl, nor the dance of shadows of the leaves. None of this was my idea. It just happened.

That’s exactly what makes this photograph so delightful. It was totally spontaneous, totally unplanned. All I remembered was having a really good time with the couple, and suddenly the groom decided to swoop her up. I just happened to be there for the shot.

I could never, ever repeat this shot. Of course I could repeat the location, lighting/composition, and all the shallow stuff… but this bond, this moment of joy – it belongs to these two wonderful people. No one else.

I wish I could tell everyone, that the most beautiful moments are never planned. They will come to us. All we need to do is to believe.