After my last letter to you, I received an overwhelming stream of responses. They came from everywhere – old clients, new friends, people I couldn’t remember, people I’ve never met.

Words of encouragement, lifting me like a soft embrace…

Yet, there were many who left, people heading for the exits. Like the last time I walked out of a movie – some campy romance with a hairy guy flashing his chest and six-pack every 10 minutes…

You just can’t make everyone happy.

I once wished for life to be perfect, like weddings, like the pictures I used to make.  But the real journey isn’t all that swank.  It doesn’t mean happy pictures are meaningless.  But living a full and happy life also means shining a light on those dark, forbidden corners, for real beauty happens in the most unexpected places.

I wrote this reply to a kind lady, and now I write the same to you, in deep gratitude:

One of the most beautiful gifts in my job is to have people like yourself walking beside me, growing with me, guiding me. It’s a reward that money can never buy.