Only a few years ago, Lemuel was sleeping on the streets. Stricken by diabetes and a rotting foot, rejected by employers and colleagues, he was too poor to rent even a tiny room in the world’s most expensive country. The streets became his home, the sky his ceiling, and torn cardboard boxes his bed and blanket. When it rained, he ran for shelter. When hungry, he scrapped for food. When alone, nobody could hear him cry. For years and years, he blamed a heartless man for his cursed life.

Lemuel’s father gave him away for adoption when he was only seven. He never knew his mother, who died soon after he was born. Lemuel never understood why father gave him away. Why him? What did he do wrong? If it was for a better life, it never happened.

Lemuel’s adopted father loves gambling. On bad days, he would curse Lemuel, cane him with a belt, and lock him in a dark room. Even his foster mother and siblings live in fear.

Eventually, Lemuel ran away, working odd jobs to survive, and ended up on the streets. A kind pastor named Chin Nam accepted him, gave him warmth, and nursed his heart.

“He is like a father to me”, Lemuel said, recalling his darkest days. “When I almost gave up, he gave me direction.”

From nowhere and for no apparent reason, a light shone from the heavens.

Lemuel now lives in a humble flat on government assistance, his wounds dressed by kindness from the Home Nursing Foundation. He found love in church, and pastor Chin Nam continued to support him like a long lost friend. Now, Lemuel’s lifelong wish is to bring happiness to the elderly and the very young children – through his favourite pastime.

“I love to sing, and I love to make people happy! Life is not fair, but this is enough for me.”

The past seemed like history now.

This October morning, Lemuel opened his eyes to a bare, concrete celing. A roof, and a home. The rain could torment him no more.