Maternity and breastfeeding photography

I almost laughed myself to tears when I saw this poster:


This was a hilarious attempt by Leslie Nielsen to copy Vanity Fair’s famous cover of Demi Moore, more than 20 years ago. That’s the way much of commercial photography works – you copy, then try to create something fresh from that copy. In fact that’s how creativity works in general. Works of art are never truly original, but inspired by layers and layers of historical masters before us.

The problem with copied work like this isn’t the act of copying itself, but what we try to replicate in our so-called “creations”. We copy the pose. We copy the lighting. We copy the expression. We copy the makeup, the accessories, the backdrop. We copy everything that looks nice on the outside.

That’s why most portraits look the same, and not just in maternity portraiture. All you need is to change the face and body, step into a template, photoshop, and it’s done – your very own artistic portrait which expresses “your beauty” and “moments that last a lifetime”.

I believe there’s much more to remember about being a mother. Something that can’t be seen from the outside, but can only be felt within you.

Feelings of joy. Real joy.

Beauty isn’t about trying to look like others. Beauty comes from within. That’s what makes you special, because no two persons express their joy in the same way. The way you smile, the way you laugh and cry, the way you move, the way you touch and kiss your little one – they all belong to you, and only you. Capturing real beauty is only possible if both you and your photographer believe that you are beautiful, without trying to look like someone else.

Work with me, and experience moments of real beauty, joy, and freedom.



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