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“Great sense of humour”

Hwee Yinn – Personal/Friends’/Wedding Portraits

Kelvin, you are really an awesome artist!

We had such a wonderful time during the shots. Your great sense of humour and fun-loving nature really allow us to enjoy our photoshoot to the max!

Really happy and excited after viewing all the photos as you have caught exactly what we are looking for. All the natural and candid moments – we just love it!

Thanks so much for the wonderful experience!

“The epitome of female beauty”

Kelly Te, Entrepreneur – Sensual Portraits

I was most impressed by the humility and professionalism of Kelvin. I entrusted kelvin with the task of taking both corporate photos for my team and also personal sensual shots.

The outcome is nothing short of amazing and exceeds my expectations. To me, Kelvin has shown that he can take – not just the best of sensual or boudoir photos, but also great natural team and portraits shots suitable for corporate webpage. Every of my team members” personalities were uniquely illustrated through the photos!

Kelvin is authentic in his own ways and you will never feel uncomfortable expressing yourself during the photoshoots as you will be encouraged to be yourself while he captures natural beauty at its best. To me, Kelvin is a genius at capturing the epitome of female beauty.

After this first photoshoot experience, I do not think I can go to another photographer again.

So thank you Kelvin and Elaine! for making my first so fun and memorable.. I know that we will have a lasting relationship together down the memory lane ?

“You moved me with your humanity and kindness”

Elaine and Kelvin – You saw how blown away I am by your incredible talent, and generosity toward me tonight. I will always remember tonight as a special one in which you inspired me with your art, and moved me with your humanity and kindness.

I am sure I will love photo after photo.
I already look forward to the next time I seek you.

I know you spent much more time with me tonight than you usually do in a session. You picked me up around 2:45 and we went until nearly 9pm.

I am so grateful there are people like you in the world. You deserve every success and long lifetimes of wonderful health.

You’ve made a new friend.

“10 years and 5 albums later…”

Michelle, Roel, Laura, Louise – Family Portraits Ten years and five albums later, I’m more convinced than ever that Kelvin is the best choice ever!! Ever accommodating to our requests, his photos always capture us at our most natural and beautiful moments. Couldn’t be more grateful that we met him a decade ago. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kelvin for documenting or growth as a family. And more importantly, for making our society a better place with your altruism.

“Beautiful reminders in the journey of self-discovery”

Cora Scheiern – Sensual Portraits

I had searched many sites for boudoir photos but when I got to Kelvin’s I admired his work and knew immediately he was all about capturing the human form, human essence in his photos. To do this successfully requires experience, an intuitive eye and feeling of the person being photographed.

I knew my story would be captured with Kelvin expert and professional approach.

He’s an artist and a magician at the same time. I will definitely come back in a few years to take new ones, to reflect my life journey and have beautiful reminders of where I am at in the process of self discovery.

Highly recommend – everyone should be photographed by Kelvin. His beautiful wife Elaine is a great complement to the process and draws out the best of the person being portrayed.

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