A Letter to a Prospective Client

I photograph, paint, and write, for one simple reason: I believe in being a good person. A good person, to me, is someone who understands, loves, and accepts others, no matter what the world thinks of them.

I believe a good person helps people love themselves and embrace life. I believe the greatest gift is the gift of acceptance.

It is this believe that drives everything I do.

It is why people who love my work all share a common experience – that of unbound freedom and joy. Children who come for family portraits will never feel they’re in a photo-shoot – we will laugh and play and go crazy, and parents sometimes go nuts. But for a few hours, they can do whatever they like, run, scream, be whoever they want to be. For a few hours, no one tells them to stop, no one tells them they’re wrong.

You will feel the same. It doesn’t matter who you are, how rich or poor, how you look on the outside. It doesn’t matter what kind of shoot you’re coming for: personal, family, weddings, boudoir, whatever – you are human, not a product. Even if you’re a minority, even if you’re among society’s most ostracised, even if the world hates you, I will find something beautiful in you.

How much do you value this freedom and joy?

Many clients return for multiple sessions. Some never buy an extra photo, but those few hours of acceptance and real happiness is something they, and myself, remember for life.

I hope this explains the true value of my work. The promotions and discounts – all I’m trying to do is make it affordable. But if you believe in loving people, as I do, you’ll treasure the experience and inspire the ones you love.

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